Prop 65 Notification

You may have seen more Prop 65 warnings on our products. First, understand that nothing has changed with the materials, or the manufacturing processes used by CE Supply in our products. The one thing that HAS changed are the notification requirements of Proposition 65.

Prop 65 is a 1986 California law that requires California residents to be notified of products that could expose them to chemicals “known by the state of California” to “cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.” This law was expanded to apply the notification requirements to all retailers as well as those who sell products under a private label in California.

In fact, there are hundreds of chemicals on the California Prop 65 list that are normal part of plastics, electronic circuitry and other components of some of our products and have always been a part of these products. As we don’t always know where our products are sold, to comply and to protect our authorized retailers, the California notification is provided on all our affected products sold within and outside of California.

But again, understand that nothing about the product has changed, we are simply complying with the California notification requirement. Installing, carrying and using our products is no more hazardous than before these added Prop 65 notifications.

Prop 65 Sticker

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