Tips On Organizing a Small Closet

Tips On Organizing a Small Closet

Would I be lying if I said most people probably wish they had a bigger bedroom closet.

Even when I was lucky enough to live on my own and have a decent size closet all to myself, I still found ways to fill it up with all kinds of stuff.

Small Closet Organization
Just because we have a small closet does not mean we have to give up our dream of owning a Kardashian-sized wardrobe or resort to keeping shoes stuffed under our bed frames.

Here are a few tips on how to organize a tiny closet and maximize every inch you got.

Tip #1: Try out a Hanging Closet Organizer. A hanging closet organizer is a versatile solution for maximizing vertical space. It typically consists of shelves and compartments that hang from the closet rod, allowing you to store folded clothes, accessories, or even shoes.

Get even more from your Hanging Closet, by adding an organizational feature like the Bamboo Shelf Organizer found here: Purse & Wallet Organizer.

Use this item to store your purses, wallets, clutches, belts, jeans, bras, and more. Having an organizer like this can help keep your items sorted, looking neat and easy to find.

Tip #2. Stackable Storage Bins: Utilize the flooring or shelves in your closet by creating your own storage solution and shelving system, customizable to your needs.

These bins here are great for shoes, loose items of clothing like socks, undergarments, t-shirts, or other random items normally stored in closets or stuffed in drawers.

We offer different options of Bamboo Storage Bins, ranging in sizes, with lids or no lid options, and our new box with an open cut out allows you to easily see the contents inside.

Tip # 3. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer: Take advantage of the back of your closet or bedroom door by using an over-the-door shoe organizer. These organizers feature pockets or compartments that can hold shoes, small accessories, scarves, or even cleaning supplies.

Don’t resort to throwing boots or other high-profile shoes on the floor of your closet. Try out the new Elevated Bamboo Boot Rack that stores your boots vertically to keep them crisp and free of creasing. This shoe rack also allows for space underneath the rack to keep additional shoes and items. Find the Elevated Bamboo Rack here.

Tip #4. And don’t forget about the walls of your closet. Find mountable organizational pieces that can help store or hang your smaller items, like hats, scarves, jewelry, belts and more. Try the Bamboo Wall Mount Organizer here.

Remember, maximizing vertical space, decluttering regularly, and using efficient storage solutions are key when organizing a small closet.