The Drawer of No Return

The Drawer of No Return

Welcome to the last week of our Spring-Cleaning segment.

We’re tackling one of the last areas most people think of. The very definition of this space implies, items found inside probably made their way here because there just wasn’t a better option.

Junk Drawer

We’re talking about the Junk Drawer. Also named:  

  • The Miscellaneous Drawer
  • The Utility Drawer
  • The Catch-All Drawer
  • The Clutter Drawer
  • Drawer of Forgotten Things or a personal favorite, The Drawer of No Return.

Whatever you call it, chances are, you have one. And if we looked inside, we’d find at least one of these items (maybe even all).

  • Spare keys, maybe even a random set that no one knows what they belong to
  • Paper clips / binder clips / bag clips / rubber bands
  • Spare change
  • Screws and other small tools
  • Batteries (brand new and dead ones too)
  • Take out menus and other small papers with scribbled notes

You may be thinking, “Why waste my time organizing a space literally designed to hold the tchotchkes, bits and bobs, or whatever other clutter I need to hide?”

Here’s my answer to you, because its just good housekeeping. But more importantly, you never know if that one penny you threw in there a year ago ends up being a special coin, with a rare flaw that makes it worth millions! It’s a thing.

 The Pennies In Your Pocket Could Be Worth Millions

Also, why not clean out the ole Mystery Drawer to make room for more mystery items. You might even find that really important reminder note you left yourself that’s now outdated.

Yes, it can be helpful to keep your junk drawer organized, as this can make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

One way to keep your junk drawer organized is to use dividers or containers to separate items by category, such as pens, paper clips, and spare change. You can also use labels or clear containers to make it easier to see what’s inside.

There are a ton of products available to help with this that can easily be found on Amazon or Walmart.

It’s also a good idea to periodically go through your junk drawer and remove items that are no longer needed, broken or unusable.

It's important to remember that a junk drawer is designed to be a place for miscellaneous items that don't have a designated spot, so it's natural for it to be a bit cluttered. The goal is not necessarily to have a perfectly organized drawer, but rather to create a system that works for you and makes it easier to find what you need.

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