Last Minute Gift Ideas for Practically Everyone!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Practically Everyone!

With less than 1 week left until Christmas your shopping lists should be getting shorter. But what do you do for those last few names still missing the satisfying check mark?

Review this list of universal and multi-purpose gifts sure to please any lucky recipient.


Bamboo Slim Charging Stand & Drawer Combo

Two great gifts in one, this combo includes the Bamboo Slim Stand Charging Station and the Bamboo Drawer for extra storage space anyone can find useful.  

The charging station has space to hold at least 2 smartphones, 2 tablets, and a laptop. Magnets hold the lid in place while rubber feet keep the entire unit secure and protect your surfaces.

The Bamboo Drawer dimensions are 10.75” x 7” x 3.25”. The perfect size to serve as a nice tuck away for smaller items like pens, notepads, keys, extra charging cables and more.

Simplify and free up precious kitchen counters or work areas by hiding away loose items, devices and gadgets in this one stop charging station set up.

Bamboo Stick for Fitness

Made from 100% bamboo and offered in multiple sizes, this sturdy stick with added rubber feet can help with multiple fitness strengths. Like stability, mobility, strength training, exercising, flexibility and balance. Add this to any workout routine like Yoga, Pilates, or a physical therapy session. This Bamboo Stick can even help with improving a golfer’s stroke or a baseball player’s swing.

Ideal for men and women trying to improve core strength, stability and more. Improves range of motion by enhancing your stretching and relieving tension and tightness.   

Durable smooth bamboo with 1.25-inch thickness for easy griping. Lightweight and weighing less than 3 lbs.

Bamboo Water Bottle

And because workouts can be better with a buddy, pair the Bamboo Stick with the Bamboo Water Bottle. This beautiful Bamboo Water Bottle is 16 oz, double insulated with a stainless-steel wall to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

The natural rope handle provides a convenient way to carry your water bottle from workout to wind down.

Bamboo Circular Rotating Organizer –

This rotating organizer spins a total of 360 degrees with 5 separate compartments that can hold anything from utensils and other kitchen tools to bathroom toiletries, cosmetics and office supplies. A beautifully artistic and sturdy organizer that works well on countertops, cabinets, and desktops.

Believe Bamboo Tray Pack

Two beautiful eco-friendly bamboo decorative trays to hold the most delicate items like precious jewelry, loose change, office supplies and other small items. These mini trays are made from solid bamboo with a smooth curved edge to keep your trinkets securely held.

This is a gift your loved one can add to a bedside table, dresser, vanity or bathroom counters and sinks.