It’s 7:50 AM, Do you know where your tablet is?

It’s 7:50 AM, Do you know where your tablet is?

In recent years, tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops have become increasingly integrated into the modern educational experience. They provide a wealth of digital resources and interactive learning tools for students. Follow these tips below to ensure your child’s devices are always ready and charged when needed.


Charge Your Devices

Step # 1: Designate a space

No one wants to spend time during their busy morning routine looking for devices that need to be brought to school. Designate an area in your home where these devices will be laid the night before to rest and recharge. This way, your child's tablet or laptop will always be fully charged and ready for the next day of learning.

Step # 2: Find the perfect charging station organizer for your family

How many devices does your household own? Maybe it’s 2, maybe it’s 4, or maybe it's 10 total devices. Whatever your number is, we have a charging station for that.

Maybe you need a charging station for tablets, or maybe you have multiple laptops in your home. Decide what specific needs you and your tribe have and choose the best fitting charging station.

A family of charging station organizers for you to choose from.

Step # 3: Power Supply

Charging stations can be purchased with or without their own power supply. We offer the Powermod 5 or 6 USB Port Charger, that can be used with any of our charging stations. Often times, consumers can use their manufacturer supplied charger and charging cable that comes with their device.

Step # 3A – Consider a portable power bank when needed. For older kids who may need to carry their devices with them during the day, provide them with a portable power bank to recharge their devices on the go.

By ensuring you have identified a safe home for your tablets and devices while not in use, you could be saving precious morning minutes by not going crazy looking for them.

The Organized Expert Tip:

Once you have mastered your charging station organization. Consider helping your child with digital organization.

Help them create folders and organize files on their devices, just like they would with physical supplies. Teach them the importance of backing up their work regularly to avoid any potential data loss.

Getting kids organized for back to school is crucial for their academic success. By providing the right school supplies (see previous blog post here) and implementing effective organization techniques, you can set your child up for a productive and fulfilling school year.

Embracing the benefits of tablets and charging stations will further enhance their learning experience and ensure they have access to the digital tools needed for their studies. With proper organization and the right resources, your child will be ready to tackle any academic challenges that come their way.

Happy learning!