Holiday Hosting in Small Spaces

Holiday Hosting in Small Spaces

Hosting holiday gatherings in a small house or apartment can be cozy, charming, and intimate. With thoughtful planning you and your guests will have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Holiday Hosting

Here are some tips to make the most of your limited space:

Clear Clutter - Before the event, declutter your space and make it more open and inviting. Remove unnecessary furniture and décor. Designated spot for coats and bags to keep the entryway clear.

Create a Seating Plan - Arrange your furniture to create seating clusters and maximize space. Use floor cushions, foldable chairs, and ottomans as additional seating options if needed.

Use Buffet Style Serving - Rather than a sit-down meal, consider a buffet-style meal where guests can serve themselves. Use a folding table or countertop as a serving station to free up dining space.

Decorate Vertically - Hang decorations on the walls or use tall shelves. Consider smaller decorations when possible. Miniature ornaments, LED lights, and small wreaths can be just as charming.

Coordinate with Guests - Encourage guests to bring dishes and drinks to share. This reduces the amount of cooking and prep space you'll need and allows everyone to contribute to the meal.

 Don’t Forget the Outdoor Space - If you have access to an outdoor area, consider extending your gathering outside, weather permitting. Use outdoor seating and decorations to create an inviting atmosphere.

Remember that the key to successful holiday hosting in a small space is creativity and flexibility.

Here are some creative products that can help with your holiday hosting this season.

Use larger bins and boxes to store miscellaneous items and help clear away clutter before your event.

Use serving platters and dishes like these that give guests plenty of options to choose from but do not require a ton of table or counter space. These are great for serving appetizers, sauces, or desserts.

Store utensils, napkins, serving spoons, and more in containers like these to keep your areas organized and compact.