All About The Stuffing

All About The Stuffing

I love stuffing, also referred to as “dressing” for some. Whatever you decide to call the fluffy mixture of bread, herbs, spices, and other ingredients that are typically shoved into the cavity of a Thanksgiving turkey, you can’t deny that Americans hold a special place in their hearts for stuffing (and we’re not referring to their arteries.)


Grocery stores have begun lining their aisle ways with boxes of this stuff, along with other items we typically only see during the holidays.

Why do we only indulge in this delightful side dish on the fourth Thursday of November?  If you’re lucky, maybe your family will bring this winner back for an encore at Christmas.

But then, just like Michael Bublé on December 26, this yummy filling is stuffed away, backed into a shelf, never to emerge again for a whole year.

I’m putting my investigative journalism hat on (and by that, I mean polling the office) to see if others feel the same way. If so, could this be the beginning of a campaign to make stuffing accepted all year long?


Question 1. Do you eat stuffing?


  • Yes, everyone who participated in the survey eats stuffing!


Question 2: Do you eat it any other time of the year besides Thanksgiving?


  • Out of all the responses, only one lucky person said they eat stuffing all year long, whenever they want it!


Question 3: Is the stuffing you eat made from scratch or from a package? What special ingredients do you enjoy in your stuffing?


  • Neary everyone who participated in the survey say they eat stuffing made from scratch on Thanksgiving. Some of the very interesting and fun ingredients added are: Oysters, Chicken Liver, Italian Sausage, Pears, Tangerines, and Fruit Juices


Question 4: What is something new you’d like to try in your stuffing?


  • Cashews, Coconut Shreds, Diced Celery, Walnuts, Gravy, Cheese, Butter


Question 5: On a scale of 1 to 5, where does stuffing land as your favorite holiday dish?

1= Hate It / Worst Side Dish Ever

5 = Love it / I Would Eat It Every Day If I Could)


  • 28 % - Love It (Scored a perfect 5)
  • 42 % - Like it A LOT (Scored 4)
  • 28 % - Think it’s Okay (Scored 3)

No one scored lower than a 3.


Question 6: JUST FOR FUN: What are some other foods that might be fun to stuff into a Turkey?


  • A duck stuffed with a chicken, pudding, more chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies, cantaloupe


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!